Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 5/10/22

Roll Call: Present: Board members Chair Jeff Miller, Vice-Chair Dennis Marcom, Clerk Jason Perron, Jeff Harrington, Select Board Representative Steve Dalessio. Alternate: Trevor MacLachlan. Absent: Board members Joanna Andros and Bill Carmody; Alternate Travis Adams. Also at the meeting were ZBA Chair Jan Leclerc, Myra Mansouri, Amanda Raney, Holly Rilling, Jenny Plante, Tim Latham, Brian Beckwith, Gregory Taylor and surveyor Joe DiBernardo. Mr. MacLachlan was asked and he agreed to fill in for one of the missing board members.

Minutes: Written by Marilou Blaine. This meeting was recorded. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the June 2022 meeting for corrections, and additions and/or omissions.

Call to order: Mr. Miller called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Minutes: Mr. Marcom made one clarification. Page 4, paragraph starting with Mr. Marcom said “Mr. Marcom said in 2008 you had 15 children and now you have 24. Ms. Plante said she was licensed for 27 children and she had 15 children ready to start in 2008. There were 3 staff members. However, in the summer of 2008, 24 children were enrolled that year.” Mr. Marcom wanted it noted that in the first year of the operation of the day care center Ms. Plante intended to have 15 children but actually had 24 children. This refers to the board’s discussion on intensification, Mr. Marcom. Mr. Marcom made a motion to approve the amended minutes. Mr. Perron seconded the motion and five of the six board members said aye to the motion. Mr. Dalessio abstained because he was not at last month’s meeting.

Old Business:

Public Hearing: Recommendation for a Special Exception in the rural/ag district. Article Vlll, C, Tax Map 11, Lot 53, 455 March Hill Road. Tim Latham proposed moving his electrical business from his home at 380 March Hill Road to 455 March Hill Road.

Mr. Latham said he currently lives at 380 March Hill Road, which is two houses up the road from the property he is intending to purchase. He has his electrical business there and he’s looking to move the business. Nothing is changing with his electrical business so there shouldn’t be any more traffic, he said. There is garage in front of the main building and it’s in disrepair so he is intending on removing it and have more room for parking. Other than that there won’t be any drastic changes, Mr. Latham said. Mr. Miller asked if there were any questions. An abutter, Brian Beckwith, who lives at 471 March Hill Road, said the building will never be sold as a residence the way it’s laid out. The business is something that will just have parking and storage. He’s not planning an auto body shop where there would be traffic and noise, Mr. Beckwith said. Mr. Latham said there will be no retail. Mr. Miller closed the public hearing. Mr. Perron made a motion to recommend to the Zoning Board. the Special Exception in the rural/ag district. Mr. Marcom seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

Surveyor Joe DiBernardo requested two public hearing for two proposed subdivisions. He brought in the completed applications and fees.

Subdivision No. 1 was on the corner of March Hill Road and Barnett Hill – Neil Levesque and Wendy Boulanger, trustees of Barnett View Revocable Trust, lnc.

 One lot into two lots. There is a house on Lot 1, Tax Map 9, Lot 46 in the rural/ag district.       

The owner of he property want to divide the property into two lots. The owner’s lot would be 2.57 acres with 488.71 feet frontage. The vacant lot would be 3.21 acres with 954.07 feet frontage. Mr. Miller asked if this was originally part of the land. Mr. Miller remembered there may be a 5-acre minimum covenant on the property. Mr. DiBernardo said he thought there was a time limit and it had run out district. He thought he saw it in the deed. Mr. Miller asked him to get a copy of the restriction.

Proposed Subdivision No. 2.

Corner of County Road and Carpenter Hill Road. Five lots, all are in rural/ag district. Lot No. 1 has a home on it and the rest are vacant fields. Tax Map 3, Lot 20-1. The property is owned by Carpenter’s County Lane, LLC.

Lot No. 1 is 2.80 acres with 446.56 feet frontage; Lot 2 is 3.83 acres with 400.07 feet frontage; Lot 3 is 1.13 acres with 200.27 feet frontage; Lot 4 is 1.12 acres with 200 feet frontage, and Lot 5 is 1.16 acres with 590.60 feet frontage. Lots 2, 3, 4, 5 have driveways that will come in from Carpenter Hill Road and the properties on Carpenter Road need state permitting, which the owner of the property is working on getting the permits. Mr. Dalessio noted on the plat the driveway numbers were scrambled. Mr. DiBernardo will correct them. Mr. Marcom made a motion to hold two public hearings next month for both the subdivisions as presented. Mr. Perron seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Ms. Jenny Plante requested a public hearing in June for a site plan for her day care center Home Away From Home, 11 Maplewood Circle, Map 24, Lot 14-1, commercial and residential.

Ms. Plante brought in the application and a check for the fees. She also circulated a schematic of the property, showing where there were new and old parking spaces. The dumpster was a green square on the diagram. The three new parking spaces were in red and the process for picking up and dropping was on a separate sheet attached to the diagram.

Ms. Leclerc asked about the property. Originally the property was 250 feet from the Main Street so it was zoned commercial, she said. But a couple of years ago Ms. Plante purchased half of the adjacent lot to the east, which is zoned residential. She wondered if it would make any difference regarding the site plan. Ms. Plante said she understood that the property was all commercial. Mr. Dalessio said, in a questioning tone, that the property is split into two zoning districts? Mr. Miller didn’t think it would have anything to do about the site plan.

The original lot appears 250 to be from the main road, Ms. Leclerc repeated. But the added lot is mostly beyond the 250 feet, Ms. Leclerc said. Ms. Plante said at one time it was a separate lot owned by Wellstone. Wellstone did a lot line adjustment and split the lot in half and half went to the day care center and half went to the lot with the trailer on it, 21 Maplewood Circle.

Ms. Leclerc remembered that the same thing happened to the gas station on Route 12 where Jiffy Mart is. The first 250 feet were commercial but then the owners needed to get a special exception because the land was rural/ag in the back of gas station. That’s where the diesel pumps are. Interesting? Mr. Dalessio said. Ms. Plante said we should definitely find out whether it commercial or residential.

Mr. Marcom made a motion to hold a public hearing next month for a site plan for the day care center. Mr. Perron seconded the motion and the motion passed.

21 Maplewood Circle

Holly Rilly owns the property adjacent to the day care center. She would like to pull the trailer off of the property and at some point build a home, she asked Mr. Miller what she should do. Mr. Miller said she can remove the trailer at any time and then when she plans to build she should go to the town offices and get a building permit. It’s as simple as that, Mr. Miller said.                                                                        


Mr. Miller reminded everyone that there would be a workshop on the fourth Tuesday. Lisa Murphy from Southwest Regional Planning Commission is planning on being there.

Mr. Marcom made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Perron seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

Recording Secretary

cc: WPB, ZBA, Town Offices, The Walpolean.

Posted: Inside the town offices, on the bulletin board outside the post office.

Workshop: Tuesday, May 24, 7 pm: Review of completed Economic Development Chapter and draft of Historical and Recreational Resources Chapter.

Next Meeting is June 14, 2022.


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