Planning Board Agenda – 6/14/22

7 pm

Town Hall

Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes: Review minutes of the regular May meeting and May workshop meeting minutes.

Public Hearings:

No. 1. Site Plan: B&B Realty LLC, Home Away From Home day care, Owner Ms. Jenny Plante, Town Map 24, Lot 14-1, commercial/residential districts.

No. 2. Subdivision: Two lots into five lots. Carpenter’s County Lane, LLC, 1221 County Road, Town Map 3, Lots 20 and 20-2, two lots into 5 lots, rural/agricultural district.

No.3, Subdivision: one lot into two lots: Barnett View Rev Trust, 24 Barnett Hill Road, Wendy Boulanger & Neil Levesque trustees, Town Map 9, Lot 46, rural/agricultural district.

New Business:

Wendy Pellitiers Cardinal Surveying: Request for a public hearing for Amy Howard, Colonial Drive,Lot Line Adjustment, Town Map 21, Lots 41 and 41-1, Residential B.

Workshop: Tuesday, June 28, 7 pm: Review of Historical and Recreational Resources Chapter.

Next Meeting is July 12, 2022.

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