Now is a great time to visit the Rail Trail that runs along the west side of Walpole.

Under a State-issued permit, the Cheshire Rail Trail in Walpole has been brush hogged from approximately behind the CITGO/JiffyMart in the north to the Westmoreland border in the south.  The Conservation Commission funded the work. Trail Committee volunteers have cleared fallen trees and branches from the trail.

The State-owned Rail Trail is now passable for over 7 miles in Walpole. The Cheshire Rail Trail continues southward through Westmoreland and Surry to Keene and beyond.

The Rail Trail is open to walkers, runners, bicyclists and equestrians. No motorized vehicles are allowed (except for snowmobiles in snow season.)

The trail surface in Walpole is mostly grass/weeds and dirt. There are some wet and muddy spots on the trail, despite our dry weather.  Use caution: The trail surface is uneven in many places.

The Rail Trail is accessible from Blackjack Crossing Rd, Halls Crossing Rd, River Rd, the Walpole Gateway, Route 123, and the Boat Launch WMA. There is limited parking at many of these locations.

Please be respectful of the private landowners who abut the trail.

Please follow trail signs, especially through Homestead Farm.

Please follow “leave no trace” practices. Do not litter.

Maps of the Rail Trail are available in Town Hall. They were produced by the Trail Committee.  

Many thanks to the Walpole Trail Committee, the Walpole Conservation Commission and the Walpole Selectboard for supporting this project.

Enjoy the Rail Trail!

Wendy and Will Grossman

Walpole Trail Committee

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