The Geologic History of Walpole with David Howell – 9/17/22

Walpole resident, David Howell, a retired USGS geologist and Berkeley University professor emeritus, will lead a geology walk to explore Distant Hill Geology Trail this Saturday, September 17, from 10am to noon. 

The geology of Walpole and the surrounding Connecticut river valley is extremely diverse and interesting, and David will explain the geologic history of the past four-million years through the exposed bedrock we will see along the half-mile long Distant Hill Geology Trail. 

Distant Hill Geology Trail features nine unique geologic features along its route, including outcrops of stretched pebbles, a dome of pegmatite, a talus slope, a siltstone outcrop, an example of a turbidite channel, a knoll of calcium-rich bedrock, and an outcrop containing boudins.

(Don’t worry – David will explain all of these arcane geologic terms for us during the walk!)

This Geology Walk is being held in conjunction with an ‘Open Garden Weekend’ at Distant Hill Gardens.

Distant Hill Gardens is located at 507 March Hill Road in the hills four miles from downtown Walpole. 

Suggested Donation: $10/adult 

NOTE: Distant Hill Geology Trail is narrow, uneven, and moderately steep in places. Sturdy shoes are recommended. 

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