Town Hall Work Zone

Although it is very problematic for some to access the Town Hall while daytime construction is occurring, safety takes a priority over convenience. Those visiting or walking by the Town Hall MUST remain out of the construction work zone per federal law and OSHA rules. It is a requirement that the public walk around the flagged/coned off area in front of the Town Hall while daytime construction is in process. DO NOT lift the flagging or go beyond the cones to enter the work area. The public and worker safety are high concerns with an active mechanical lift and material movement.

For those with mobility challenges, there is one handicap parking spot on Elm Street adjacent to the sidewalk to the ramp to the southern main entrance for those with handicap tags/plates. Elm Street must be accessed from Washington Street on the south end of the Common to reach the handicap parking spot.

The street and sidewalk open once the roofers are finished for the day. The above is in effect only during weekday, daytime hours.

If there are any questions regarding work zone requirements, contact the Selectboard Office at 603-756-3672 to discuss the matter.

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