Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 11/23/22

Selectboard Present:​Steven Dalessio, Chair; Peggy L. Pschirrer; Cheryl Mayberry

CALL TO ORDER:  Mr. Dalessio called this meeting of the Selectboard to order at 8:00 AM in the Walpole Town Hall.There were no members of the public present.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Due to the short work week, there were no accounts payable.


Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Payroll Check Register for the week ending November 19, 2022, in the amount of $31,367.34 dated November 25, 2022, and for the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer in the amount of $5,988.58.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessioin favor, the motion was approved.


SELECTBOARD MEETING – November 17, 2022:  Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Selectboard meeting of November 17, 2022, as submitted.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION – November 17, 2022:  Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of November 17, 2022, as submitted.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.The minutes are to remain sealed.


The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of the following Committee reports:

• North Walpole Village District Commissioners’ Meeting – October 25, 2022;

• North Walpole Village District Commissioners’ Meeting – November 1, 2022;

• North Walpole Village District Commissioners’ Meeting – November 8, 2022;

• Library Trustees’ Meeting – November 8, 2022

• Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting – November 15, 2022


Pending Further Actions:  Generators, Parking Ordinance, Three Phase Power for Industrial Park Drive and Bensonwood,School and Old North Main Bridges/Culverts, School Street Drainage Project, Ice Rink

Streetlights on Kilburn and Spruce Streets: Ms. Mayberry attended the prior night’s North Walpole Commissioners’ Meeting. She heard from Celeste Aumand that she was not interested in shutting off the streetlight on Kilburn Street. It’s a dark area with people walking on the street. Mr. Dalessio said that going forward that streetlight complaints in North Walpole Village will be sent to the commissioners first. If action is to be taken, they will notify the Selectboard.

Petition Warrant Article to Change Section P of the Zoning Ordinance: Signatures will be verified. Following a confirmation of 25 or more valid signatures, the text will be sent to Atty. Hockensmith for review. Mr. Dalessio encouraged everyone to take the time to read the article. There was a brief discussion about “formula businesses”.

Tax Rate: Mr. Kreissle reported that the DRA continues to wait for the Department of Education assessment form to be approved for the school district. Mrs. Pschirrer mentioned that citizens are concerned that the tax rate has not been set and the bills have not been mailed. Mr. Dalessio stated that the tax bill due date will run into the next year. Mrs. Pschirrer continued that there is also a concern with tax bills increasing dramatically. Although property tax assessments have increased, any tax increases will be relative to budget increases from the school district, town, county and fire district budgets. The percentage increase in property valuation will not correspond directly to the amount of a tax bill increase. However, if School District/Town/County/Fire & EMS budgets increase, property taxes will most likely increase. Taxes are based on the Town’s combined funding obligation divided by the Town’s overall property value assessment.

New Parking Lot: Mrs. Pschirrer reported that Green Site Services has requested assistance from the Town Highway Department with unloading and moving some large concrete structures that will be used in the drainage system. Ms. Mayberry asked if this would help save money. Mrs. Pschirrer replied that there would be some cost and time savings for the project. There was a consensus by the Board to approve the request.


Ms. Mayberry moved to enter into a Non-Public Selectboard Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (a) Personnel at 8:20 AM.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved. These minutes are to remain sealed.

The regular Selectboard meeting reconvened at 8:25 AM.


Mrs. Pschirrer moved to adjourn this Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there was any additional discussion.  There was none.  With Mrs. Pschirrer, Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Downing, Recording Secretary Pro Tempore

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