Rabid Animals

Peggy Pschirrer sent the following information. Those on Facebook have probably heard but, for those of us who are not, she wanted to share this good advice. – Lil

The Walpole Police Department has reported an increasing number of calls about potentially rabid animals. Within the past month they have put down a skunk and two fox.   In one case a citizen was bitten by a fox.   All three animals were behaving erratically and attacking people or other animals.  Raccoons and skunks are the most common wild animals to contract rabies but obviously foxes, coyotes and domestic dogs and cats can all contract rabies.  Walpole does not have an animal control officer so the Police and/or Fish and Game officers should be called.  Frequently the two departments work together.  Keep your own animals vaccinated and, on a leash, when outside and do not go near a wild animal acting strangely.  Most healthy wild animals will run away from you; if it doesn’t – beware and get away.  If you or a child or a pet is bitten, go immediately for medical assistance  or take the pet to your veterinarian.

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