20th Century French Songs at the Library – 2/15/23

20th Century French Songs with Bob Grenier at the Walpole Town Library

In this program, we will listen to a wide range of wonderful French songs by singers such as Brel. Bécaud, Gainsbourg, Goldman, Renaud, Vigneault, Charlebois, Ferrat, Piaf, Aznavour… Each song will be discussed. We will make sure that everyone understands the lyrics. There will be explanations of grammar and vocabulary if the need arises. Texts of the lyrics will be available, and at last, we will all be able to join in and sing along with the featured chanteur.

This program is intended for those who enjoy French music, either know French, or would like to renew the French they have learned and have forgotten, or those who are at various levels of trying to learn French. Songs are a wonderful way to learn and enjoy a foreign language. We are hoping to have a good mix of folks of all ages and levels who can help each other in the learning process.

Program will start February 15, 7:00-8:00, in the Hubbard Meeting Room. If there is enough interest, there will be further sessions.

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