Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 2/14/23

Roll Call: Board present: Chair Jeff Miller, Vice-Chair Dennis Marcom, Clerk Jason Perron, Jeff Harrington, Joanna Andros, Bill Carmody, Select Board Representative Steve Dalessio. Alternate: Trevor MacLachlan. Absent: Alternate Travis Adams.

Recording: Marilou Blaine. These minutes were recorded. They are unapproved and will be reviewed next month for additions, corrections and omissions.

Call to Order: Mr. Miller called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Minutes: Mr. Marcom made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Mr. Perron seconded the motion and the motion carried.

New Business:

Chuck Shaw, Subdivision, one lot into two lots, 6 Walker Road, Map 10, Lot 2-1, Rural/Ag district,Veterinary Clinic, request for a public hearing in March. 

Dr. Shaw wants to divide his property on Route 12, where his veterinary clinic is, into two lots. Lot 1 would be 5.02 acres and Lot 2 would be 7.94 acres. There is a right of way just off of Route 12 to Lot 2. He requested a public hearing for the March meeting. Mr. Perron made a motion to hold a public for Dr. Shaw in March for the subdivision. Mr. Marcom seconded it and the motion carried.

In order to register the subdivision at the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds, Dr. Shaw needs a Mylar. Since the survey was done in 1994 and the surveyor William J. Fitzgerald is no longer in business, surveyor Joe DiBernardo, who was at the meeting about another matter, was asked if he could help out. Mr. DiBernardo said he would try. Dr. Shaw said talked to a surveyor in 2019 about the subdivision but nothing more was done at that time. 

Good news! Mr. DiBernardo tracked down the previous surveyor and Mr. DiBernardo said he will have a Mylar ready for the March meeting.

Old Business:

Public Hearings continued.

MBP Management Group, Dunkin 2,000 square-foot coffee shop and drive-thru site plan. Tax Map 12, Lot 13-3, Route 12, 234.8 feet on Main Street, Commercial district, pond and wetlands to the south.

Public Hearing

Subdivision/Condo Lots: Avanru Development Group LLC:

Tax Map 12, Lot 13-3 into 3 parcels.

Since this matter has been on the agenda since October and concerns about condo lots has been more recently on the agenda and affects this parcel of land, both parties agreed to re-notify abutters of this public hearing.

Mr. Chad Branon, a civil engineer with Fieldstone Land Consultants from Milford, NH., was the presenter. He began by saying that Avanru Development Group LLC was withdrawing its request for a subdivision. Therefore, the surveyed map, which is the map of record and was approved at a previous meeting was being used in Tuesday night’s discussion. The three condo lots are actually only one lot and Lot 12-3 is now 3.32 acres.

Mr. Branon said the site plan application that was presented for MBP Management Group to build a Dunkin building that had been submitted in the last couple of months met all the requirements of Walpole’s site plan and should be approved. The lot now has 70 percent green space. Branon then presented a copy of the notification from the NH Department of Transportation approving the Route 12 cut. He also had a letter from Fire Chief Mark Houghton saying he approved of the project for fire, water & sewer. He still needs to see building specifics to sign off on that building, but in a recent email Mr. Houghton said he doesn’t expect any problems.

Regarding the land, Avanru Development Group will own the land and Dunkin will own the building, parking lot, green space. The driveway around the parking lot to the drive-thru will be for common use, Branon said. Mr. Miller said Walpole’s site plan says two buildings can be built on that one lot. 

George Delegas, the architect for the project, was also at the meeting. He said the inside layout has remained the same but the outside will now look like a barn. It reflects its surroundings, Mr. Delegas said. There’s a barn across the street and an exit road is called Red Barn Lane and the barn look seems fitting for this rural New Hampshire town. The siding of the building will be board and batten in a gray color. The windows are now glazed giving them a different effect. Landscaping will not change. Signage will include two signs on the building.

There being no more questions Mr. Marcom made a motion to approve the site plan as presented. Mr. Perron second the motion and the Board unanimously approve the motion.

New Business:

Adam Naeck, Lot Line Adjustment, 107 Merriam Road, Tax Map 3, Lots 55 (15.63 acres) and Lot 56 (1.66 acres) Lot 55 – 200 feet road frontage, Lot 56 – 322.28 feet road frontage, Rural/Ag district. Property is in current use. Request for a public hearing in March.

Surveyor Joe DiBernardo represented Mr. Naeck. He said this is a simple lot line adjustment. It creates a second lot that is 1.66 acres in front of an existing lot with a home and some outbuildings on the property. Road frontage on Merriam Road, which is a Class 5 road, is 322.28 feet in the rural/agricultural district. Lot 55 would end up with 15.63 acres and has the required 200 feet of road frontage. 

Mr. Perron made a motion to hold a public hearing for the lot line adjustment in March for Mr. Naeck.  Mr. Marcom seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Barry Bellows, Potato Barn 9 new apartment units – there are three floors in the Potato Barn, apartments on each floor. Tax Map 24, Lot 6, 42 Potato Barn Lane. Request for a public hearing in March. Owner Steve Rudek.

Barry Bellows is the contractor on this project. He is just about completed creating 3 apartments in the piggery section, which is behind the barn. These apartments are called units one, two and three. Bellows explained that the main barn had three floors with the top floor being the event space with a bridge out to Homestead Avenue. Work will be confined to the interior of the building with the exception of replacing windows, making them larger. The building is already entirely sprinkled and attention was paid to fire protection when the building was redone several years ago. Units four, five and six will be on the first floor of the barn and be 800 square feet, 972 square feet and 575 square feet.  All will be one-bedroom units. The middle portion of the barn will have three units: 1,521 square feet, 773 square feet and 600 square feet with a one two-bedroom unit and two one-bedroom units. The top floor will have four units – two two-bedroom units at 1,068 and 1,236 square feet respectively and two units 830 and 810 square feet for two one-bedroom units.  

Mr. Bellows has spoken with Fire Chief Mark Houghton and Mr. Houghton wants him to put in an alarm system tied into firehouse, which can easily be done working off the existing system. Mr. Bellows also said the market for these apartments are for older people who are downsizing.

On the middle floor there is quite a lot of additional space that may be used in the future as a common area for the residents. The future for this space is to be determined later depending on the clientele. It may be a woodworking station, fitness area, pickle ball court. 

One other thing is that they are putting in poles for electricity to carry 1,200 amp service.

Mr. Bellows asked for a public hearing in March. Mr. Marcom made a motion to have a public hearing in March for the addition of nine units to the Potato Barn. Mr. Perron seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Reminder: there is a 4th-=-Tuesday workshop with Lisa Murphy to finish work on the Master Plan and also work on an ordinance in the basement conference room.


Mr. Perron made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Marcom seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

WPB Secretary

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  1. Tom Winmill 02/22/2023 at 1:02 PM Reply

    “The driveway around the parking lot to the drive-thru will be for common use . . . ” ?


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