Holiday Fair – 11/19/22


This Saturday, Nov. 19th from 9-2 in the Parish Hallcorner of Elm and Westminster in Walpole

COOKIE WALK – assorted cookies by the pound

HARVEST HOME – baked goods, jam, vinegars

RAFFLE – gift baskets, collections, single items of all sorts (something for everybody)

HOLIDAY AND HOME DECOR – new and vintage, toys, crafts, and the unexpected

FREE COFFEE, TEA, SPICED CIDER – baked snack with donation

Library Trustees Meeting Minutes – 11/8/22

Present:  Amy Howard (Chair), Kathy Nerrie (Treasurer), Gail LaHaise, Susan Johnson, Bill Ranauro, Sarah Mann, Erin Bowen, Jean Kobeski (Recording Secretary), Jane Malmberg (Library Director), 

Absent:  Tim Lester

Amy called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. in the library Community Room.  This meeting was recorded.

Approval of Minutes:  Jane made two corrections to the October 11 minutes.  Under the budget, rather than stating she added $3500 to Technology, it should read:  Jane talked about the cost of adding new Chromebooks. Also under the budget, the fourth paragraph should read, Jane stated the staff development budget will be mostly spent this year. With these corrections, Gail moved to accept the October 11, 2022 minutes.  Sarah seconded;  all voted to approve the minutes.

Treasurers Report: Kathy emailed a copy of the Treasurer’s Report to the trustees prior to the meeting.  Amy noticed that roughly one-third of this year’s budget is still unspent but much of it will be spent before the end of the year. There is also more money in our accounts than there was in April, so the treasury looks good.

Bills:  Jane noted that about $1600 worth of adult books came in, as did the Donegan Systems bill (moveable shelves), which increased slightly to $401.  

Jane will be talking to the copier people because there have been a number of problems with our copier.  It is 7-years-old, and Jane wants to talk to a representative about leasing options for replacement.  

Amy moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and bills.  Gail seconded, and all voted in favor;  motion carried.

Old Business

Staff and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner: Kathy reported that the caterer is all set.  She reviewed raffle items and the group discussed how and when to hold the raffle during the event.  Set up will be at 9:00 Thursday morning.  Amy, Susan, Kathy, and Bill volunteered to do the set-up.  Whoever can stay after the dinner will do the clean-up:  wash and dry dishes, put away tables, sweep the floors.  

Logo/Branding:  Sarah presented  a slideshow of the finalized logo. She reviewed how the design was chosen and explained the choices of font style and colors. 

A roll-out plan was discussed, beginning with a Clarion article in January to introduce the new logo.  Amy suggested presenting the slideshow to the staff and volunteers before the logo is shown to the public.

Amy presented her research of promotional items including canvas bags, stickers, tattoos, and magnets.  Jane said she would like to order magnetic full-color name tags for staff and volunteers. Erin suggested that Amy call Beeze Tees in Keene for tote bag pricing.  Sarah asked for the cost of full-color printing.  Amy said she will do the research, then email these figures to the trustees.

New Business

2023 Budget:  Jane distributed a draft of the 2023 library budget.  She noted increases in advertising for the roll-out swag, technology for four new Chromebooks, and Children’s Misc. for 2 new bookshelves.  Amy asked if some Chromebooks could be purchased this year.  Jane said they could, so she would look into that. If she buys Chromebooks this year, she won’t need to increase the 2023 Technology budget,  The library actually needs three bookshelves for the Children’s Room, so the trustees okayed an increase that would accommodate this purchase. The final budget will be approved in January.

Jane submitted her figures for the town budget. When she gets a quote for the repair to the masonry on the north side of the chimney, she can request a warrant article.

Operations:    Visits are up in North Walpole and check-outs have increased in both branches.  The Saturday Book Club has been discontinued.  The children’s concert last Saturday was well-attended. 

Jane described a virtual program/ discussion taking place on Wednesday, December 7, at 7:00 p.m. Our library is partnering with several other libraries from around the state for this program.  Interested parties can contact Jane for the link. Jane also described a few programs for January that are being planned. 

Jane reported that the conference she attended was very interesting.  She cited one session about how to talk to the press about book banning. Sarah asked if Jane could share notes from this workshop;  Jane said she can send a video of the presentation to trustees and share it with the staff, as well. 

Jane and Julie plan to do a diversity audit of books in the library.  They will start next year with children’s books.  

Buildings and Grounds:  Barry is working on the quote for the chimney and he will be in touch about wrapping the chimney.  The door is delayed because our contractor cannot reach the carpenter who is making the door.  Jane is going to ask for a weekly update.

Friends of the Library:  The book sale did quite well, bringing in more money than last year with fewer books.

Adjournment:  With no further business to discuss, Gail moved to adjourn;  Amy seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:41 p.m.

The next meeting will be January 10, 2023, at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Kobeski, Recording Secretary

Hot Soup – 11/19/22

Thanksgiving Circle – 11/20/22

Sue Kreb’s, from the First Congregational Church, wanted everyone to know that on November 20, at 11:30, we are gathering on the Common for a” Thanksgiving Circle”.  Public is invited. 

It will be informal, a way to gather as a community to give thanks.  The other churches in town have been contacted.

Election Results from Walpole

Fall Mountain Superintendent Search Committee

I’ve been advised that I will not be sent minutes from these meetings. Those who may be interested (and we should be), please see the website. – Lil

To: FMRSD Families, Staff & Community
From: Superintendent Search Committee
Re: Superintendent Search Committee Meeting Updates Date: November 14, 2022
November 3, 2022

The Fall Mountain Regional School District Superintendent Search Committee held its second meeting on Thursday, November 3. At this meeting, the search committee developed the roles and tasks that the new Superintendent will need to perform to best support the district. Functional and dysfunctional leadership styles were identified to assist in analysis of potential candidates.

The Search Committee worked on initial components of a comprehensive survey to send to the Fall Mountain Regional School District community and discussed dissemination strategies.

Bryan Group Competencies, skills with specific indicators, were introduced that the committee will review, revise, and develop to personalize their total refined criteria to use in the search.

November 9, 2022
The Fall Mountain Regional School District Superintendent Search Committee met for their third meeting on Wednesday, November 9. During this meeting, the committee reviewed, in detail, the specific competencies that will be looked for in superintendent candidates.

The committee refined criteria, roles, competencies, leadership styles, and desired experiences needed for applicant evaluation. In addition, the draft survey was reviewed and revised with hopes to finalize and disseminate next week.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 15 at 7:00 p.m.

Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 11/3/22

Selectboard Present:      Steven Dalessio, Chair; Peggy L. Pschirrer; Cheryl Mayberry

CALL TO ORDER:  Mr. Dalessio called this meeting of the Selectboard to order at 6:30 PM in the Walpole Town Hall. One member of the public present, Tom Winmill.

PETITION ZONING WARRANTS: Mr. Tom Winmill was seeking signatures from the Selectboard for two petition warrants for Town Meeting. The warrants are to amend a couple of zoning ordinances. Mr. Winmill was also seeking an endorsement from the Selectboard for the petition warrant articles.

Mr. Winmill stated that for the first warrant article, the penalty provision would change in the zoning ordinance for the area south of the Cold River. Currently the current zoning article has a $500.00 maximum penalty which is too small an amount. The zoning ordinance is out of sync with the NH statues which have a maximum penalty of $550 per day with no maximum.

Mr. Rosko joined the meeting at 6:33 PM.

The second petition article is to amend the zoning ordinance by defining restaurant and retail businesses per Mr. Winmill. He reviewed the Hanover, NH Zoning Ordinance and use the text for the article. The change would exclude under the restaurant definition “to provide food for offsite consumption”. It would also define a retail building as one to exclude drive through service. It would redefine the development of Walpole’s commercial area.

There was a discussion related to the three ways a warrant article is placed on the Town warrant. Mr. Winmill obtained more than 25 signatures for each petition. Mr. Dalessio advised that the signatures must be from Walpole registered voters with both a signature and printed name on the petition form. As a Selectboard member, Mr. Dalessio does not sign petition warrant articles. Additionally, the Board abstains from endorsing petition articles. He felt if an article is put forth by the voters, the voters should decide if it passes or not. Mrs. Pschirrer agreed.

The question of the requirement for a public hearing was asked. Warrant article text will be reviewed by the Town attorney and the Department of Revenue Administration (DRA). Mr. Winmill asked if the Town attorney could recommend edits. Mr. Dalessio said yes.

Mr. Winmill departed the meeting at 6:32PM

SKATING RINK:  Mr. Dalessio asked Mr. Rosko if he was interested in taking over the skating rink? Mr. Ron Rosko was not enthusiastic about last year’s ice rink set-up. He felt the setup was too small; it’s fine for one person. In the past, the entire field was flooded. Mr. Rosko would be willing to take over and learn about the rink. It means a great deal to him having spent a lot of time there as a youth.  There was a discussion about snow removal.  It can be labor intensive per Mr. Rosko. In the past, the Town removed the snow. Mr. Dalessio said the current rink set-up was purchased since there isn’t always snowpack or frozen ground to preserve the ice.  Mrs. Pschirrer stated the current rink could have extensions added to it. There was a discussion of the desired size of the rink, a liner and edge boards. Ms. Mayberry reviewed the process of making the ice with an additive and filling the area gradually, with layers of ice.

Mr. Dalessio stated the idea needed to go before the Recreation Committee. Ms. Mayberry asked that the vision of the change be written. Ms. Mayberry would bring the request before the Recreation Committee.

Mr. Rosko departed the meeting at 6:59 PM.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: There were none this week per Ms. Mayberry.


Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Payroll Check Register for the week ending October 29, 2022, in the amount of $32,388.60 dated November 4, 2022, and for the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer in the amount of $6,030.54.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.


SELECTBOARD MEETING – October 27, 2022Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Selectboard meeting of October 27, 2022, as submitted.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION – October 27, 2022:  Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of October 27, 2022, as submitted.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved. The minutes are to remain sealed.


The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of the following Committee reports:


Map and Lot# 012-013-2U2: Ms. Mayberry moved to approve to approve a property tax refund to the owner of Map and Lot# 012-013-2U2 in the amount of $5.42. Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.


Pending Further ActionsGenerators, Parking Ordinance, Three Phase Power for Industrial Park Drive and Bensonwood, School and Old North Main Bridges/Culverts:

School and Union Streets Drainage Project: The Fuss and O’Neill contract amendment will be tabled until next week. The Selectboard is researching whether the gully was man-made or is a seasonal stream.

Streetlights on Kilburn and Spruce Streets: Mr. Dalessio visited Kilburn Street. He felt that the streetlight could be turned off, but it will make the area darker. Spruce Street cannot be removed but needs to be modified. The Selectboard would like a confirmation that the abutters to the streetlight area agree to having the light removed. A follow-up note will be sent to the Olivers.


Multi or Single Year Assessing Agreement: Mrs. Pschirrer moved that the Selectboard sign the one year assessing contract with Avitar Associates of New England for $12, 996. Ms. Mayberry seconded. With Mrs. Pschirrer, Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio voting in favor, the motion was approved.

Utility Pole Easement Agreement: Ms. Mayberry moved that the Selectboard sign the Utility Pole Easement Agreement with Liberty Utilities to add an anchor and guidewires to a pole at the south end of the Common.  Mrs. Pschirrer seconded. With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer, and Mr. Dalessio voting in favor, the motion was approved.

NHMA Notice: The Selectboard reached a consensus that legal notes sent by the NHMA to the Town from 2009 to 2015 are to be returned to the Town. A follow-up note will be sent to the NHMA.

Fire Hydrant Flushing Complaint: The gouging of the roadside on Union Street caused by hydrant flushing will be fixed.

2022 Tax Rate: The MS-535 form was uploaded by the auditors to the DRA web portal this afternoon stated Mr. Dalessio. Once the DRA reviews and approves, the form will be available for Selectboard review and sign. The school district has several forms that need to be uploaded to the portal.


Ms. Mayberry moved to enter into a Hooper Trustees Meeting.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved at 7:29 PM.


Ms. Mayberry moved to enter into a Non-Public Selectboard Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (a) Personnel, (c) Reputations and (e) Legal.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved. These minutes are to remain sealed.

The regular Selectboard meeting reconvened at 8:17 PM.


Mrs. Pschirrer moved to adjourn this Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there was any additional discussion.  There was none.  With Mrs. Pschirrer, Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Downing, Recording Secretary Pro Tempore

“Great Decisions” Public Forum Tonight

Biden’s Strategy & Midterms’ Fallout

“Great Decisions” will meet again at 6:00 p.m. tonight in the Walpole Town Library.

Competition with China — what will today’s meeting between Presidents Biden and Xi Jinping accomplish? — UN Climate Change COP27, war in Ukraine, the message of the midterms, democracy’s challenges in a world of rising autocracies (and sea levels) — What do you think about all this?

Please join the discussion tonight either in person in the Hubbard Meeting Room at the Walpole Town Library or via Zoom. For the Zoom link, contact Jane Malmberg, Library Director, in advance of the 6:00 p.m. meeting:

Sue Kibbe and Ron MacLachlan

Clarion Closing Date – 11/21/22

With the November and December holidays, and depending upon how the days of the week fall, the closing date for the CLARION is always impacted. Our printer’s long Thanksgiving Day holiday schedule affects the closing date, but I have been able to extend the deadline to Monday, November 21 at 5 PM Walpole time, one day later than the published date. Layout and design work begins 4-5 days ahead of the deadline closing date. Several drafts are worked and reworked adjusting layout and spacing. Early submission of your article for the community will help our process in developing each issue.

I have heard of a number of holiday activities that will finally pick up again after COVID, so please get articles and notices of those events to me as soon as possible to share with the community so we can all feel some return to “normalcy,” and join in on the festive fun.

If you have any questions, or interest in placing an advertisement, reaching over 1900 Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville addresses, please do get in touch with me. Thank you, RAY BOAS, Publisher

Zoning Board Meeting Agenda – 11/15/22

Town Hall

7 pm

Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes: Review minutes of October 2022 meeting. 

New Business:

Jan has a response from NH Municipal Association about nonpublic minutes.

Old Business:

Next meeting December November 20, 2022.