Library Trustees Meeting Minutes – 11/9/21

Present were: Kathy Nerrie (Treasurer), Gail LaHaise, Jean Kobeski, Susan Johnson, Bill Ranauro, Jane

Malmberg (Library Director), Peggy Pschirrer (Selectboard Liason)

Absent: Amy Howard and Tim Lester

Visitors: Erin Bowen, Sarah Mann

Susan Johnson called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. in the library community room. This meeting was being recorded.

Jane and the board welcomed Erin Bowen and Sarah Mann, who have expressed interest in joining the board to replace Jeanne Ramey and Shirley Capron.

Approval of Minutes: Gail moved to approve the October, 2021 minutes. Kathy seconded, and all voted to accept the October minutes as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Kathy reported that we received the quarterly payment of $2,000 for the Library Trust.

As board members reviewed copies of the budget report, Kathy stated everything looks good.

Bills: Jane previously emailed copies of the bills for board review. Jane stated there will be a music program in December. She said she won $100 in a raffle for registering for the the NHLA conference. She will put that money toward that program.

Jane explained that she has an invoice for $250 for Overdrive. Once this is paid we can spend the money on our own Libby titles. She anticipates doing that soon. Gail moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and bills. Bill seconded, and all voted to approve.

Budget: Jane stated that we voted to accept the budget at last month’s meeting and she has no updates. She said she is unsure of what amount we would need to ask in a warrant article for repair of the chimney because she has not received an estimate yet. Kathy said that Barry, or whoever does the work, will deal directly with the town on that.

Jane stated she contacted Countryside about securing the front door. They have come to look at it and take photographs but have not given her any figures yet. She said she would call them Friday if she hasn’t heard from them. Gail asked what grandfather status means in Tim’s report on the front door. Jane explained that if the latch can be fixed, it will be done without having to replace the historic door and bring it up to code. If the repair requires replacing the door, then it will need to be brought to code with crash bar and would have to open out (instead of in, as it currently does). Gail asked if we would lose our historic preservation status if we had to replace the door, and Jane said no, that would not happen.

Old Business

Goals for the Long Range Plan: Jane emailed a copy of the Strategic Plan to board members. On it she showed what she has done over the last year to meet the goals. Some, like showing movies in the library, could not be done because of covid. Kathy commented that perhaps this plan is too specific because at times (like during covid) you cannot always follow it and meet the goals. Jane said she is aware of other libraries’ strategic plans that have more measurable goals. For example, it might state that children’s programs will increase by x%. They don’t specify what the programs will be. We can revisit the plan and make changes.

Ken Burns Display: Jane stated that nothing has been done with the Ken Burns display, mainly because she does not know what the original plan for it was. It was suggested she contact Jen Fabis from Florentine Films to discuss this.

Mango and Ancestry: Jane reported that the library dropped Mango and Ancestry because patrons were not using them. We will replace Ancestry with FamilySearch, which is free and can be used at home.

Outreach: Jane said they are trying to increase outreach. Jullie does go into the Walpole Village School but is not permitted in the Walpole Schools due to covid. She does promote the library through the school newsletter. Jane would like to collaborate with River Valley Seniors at Home (RVSAH) to provide library materials to seniors. Jean will take this idea to RVSAH. Jane said she has volunteers who are willing to deliver.

Susan stated there is nothing on the Strategic Plan about the website. Jane said she would discuss that when we get to new business.

Jane said she would like to do more with the tweens and teens in the library and states that that is difficult to do here. She feels it is a pocket we have neglected. Bill asked how rich we are in local resources. He offered to reach out to the history chair at the high school to see if there were any projects for which we could offer help. He said that because we are a regional school district with the high school in another town, we just don’t see those kids. Jane cited the example of another library that offered study nights, particularly around SAT time. She said we could think about something like that.

Sarah asked if our library has hotspots to lend. Jane said we do not. Jane said they are costly to start and they are on a contract basis. Sarah knows a librarian who is using these, and she offered to talk to her friend about them and report back.

New Trustees Recommendations: Jane welcomed Erin and Sarah and asked them to tell the board a little bit about themselves. Both enthusiastically expressed interest in being on the board. Jane will contact Amy with their names. Amy will send a recommendation to the Selectboard, which needs to approve the nominations. That should be done by our January meeting.

North Walpole Open House: Jane reported that they had a nice turnout. 24 people attended the open house. Some Bridge Memorial patrons attended the open house and were happy to see that there are books in North Walpole that the main branch does not have. They can be checked out then returned to the main branch.


1. 19 people attended Alice Fogel’s poetry reading.

2. Bill Ranauro will present an author talk on November 18th at 6 p.m.

3. There were 10 entries from the community in the pumpkin decorating contest.

4. An additional book club has been added on Saturday mornings at 9:00.

5. The community room had been used for the Co-Op and Friends of the Library meetings. Patrons are using the room for study.

6. Half of the staff has completed the required harrassment training.

7. Our library is a site for the Giving Tree.

Jane reported that she will be taking off the Friday after Thanksgiving. Julie will be taking days off in December.

Susan asked if the operations report can also show statistics from the previous month to show possible growth. Sarah also asked if 2019 figures could also be part of the report. Jane said she would be glad to do that.

Buildings and Grounds

In his absence, Tim sent copies of a Building and Grounds Report. Jane stated she and Tim have met and decided that the top priority needs to be the front door repair.

Replacement Trees: Tim stated he has spoken with Jennifer Burr about replacement trees. Gail asked why we need to plant new trees. Kathy echoed that sentiment, stating that salt killed the old trees; why plant new ones in the same place? Peggy stated she thinks the library grounds look very nice right now. The board decided to discuss this further at a future meeting. In the meantime, we will ask Tim to talk to Jennifer to ask her opinion on whether she feels we should replace the trees. Gail stated there is not a lot of money in the landscaping budget for trees.

Outside Lamp: Tim offered three options for fixing the outside lamp. Kathy feels the light needs to be very bright for safety and solar may not be the way to go. After a discussion of the options, the board chose option #2 – to purchase a new lamp post and have Houghton install it. Tim should contact Houghton and take care of it as soon as possible since the current light is not working.

North Walpole Bench: Jane has contacted the North Walpole Commissioners about painting the bench in front of the library but she has had no response. She will try again. Brad said he has paint for the job.

Outdoor Signs: Tim has tried to contact Frank Hawkins from Bellows Falls but has been unable to reach him. Tim will look at another signmaker. Gail said she would talk to friends from Bellows Falls about getting in touch with Frank Hawkins. Jane suggested another option of getting a sign which has removable letters so information can be changed.

Jane said she will look for exit signs to hang from the ceiling in the library.

Chimney: A warrant article will be needed. Kathy said she connected Peggy with Barry. Peggy suggested that Kathy emphasize the need for this article when she meets with the Selectboard on December 10 to discuss budget. Peggy has not heard back from Barry. Jane said she would email Barry another “nudge.”

North Walpole Dropbox: Susan asked Jane to discuss the issue with the N. Walpole book dropbox. Jane reported seepage from the bottom of the box due to its location. There is no covering over the box. Some books have been damaged. It has already been raised but might need to be higher. Jane said it is also difficult to get into. She looked at the price of new ones and said they are very expensive. When Gail asked how much, Jane said roughly $4,000. She said they may just need to find another location. Erin suggested asking the commissioners to extend the overhang. Jane said she could do that. Maybe they could discuss it at their next meeting.

New Business

Logo/Branding and Website: At the last meeting it was decided that the library needs a logo. They had discussed having a contest but dismissed that at this meeting. The board felt that, with a contest, they might need to settle for a logo they do not really llike. The alternative is to find someone to design the logo based on elements the board thinks should be included. Jan Kobeski was suggested. Sarah explained that she could put together a spec of what she thinks we should ask for. Her background is in marketing and branding. She said if Jan did not do it, her husband could. We could talk about it in January. Everyone was asked to come back with ideas for the logo. Bill stated that the it needs to be recognizable. The group at first thought the logo should include the main library building but it was decided that that would exclude North Walpole. Jane asked that it not be simply a book, as so many other logos are.

Jane reported that she, Julie, and Kelli have been working on the website. They have been researching websites. Jane would like something fairly simply that the staff can easily maintain. She suggested purchasing a template into which Walpole Library information can be inserted. Sarah stated that her husband can offer suggestions because he builds websites. He could meet with Julie, who has already done some work on the website, and Jane.

December Meeting: It was decided that the board will forego the December meeting. Kathy and Jane will send out their reports as usual.

Vacation Rolloveer for Staff: Last year, due to covid, the town rolled over staff vacation time. The library has seven staff members who have accrued several hours of vacation time and Jane explained that it will be impossible for them to use it all by the end of the year. Staffing is such that we cannot let too many people go at any one time, especially during the holidays. Jane asked if they could roll over just vacation hours until March. Kathy asked Peggy if we could do this. Since the town pays the library’s employees, it is all right. The library records part time employee leave, not the town. Gail moved to roll over vacation hours until March, 2022. Susan seconded and all voted in favor.

Friends Report

Jane reported that the October book sale went very well. Final sales totalled $6,510 before expenses. She also stated that, since April, they have collected $2,400 from book sales at the reuse center. The plant sale brought in $1341. The Friends will be looking for new members; Carole Malnati is stepping down, as is Paul Happ.

Adjournment: Gail moved to adjourn the meeting. Kathy seconded. Susan adjourned thew meeting at 5:25 p.m.

The next meeting will be January 11, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. in the library community room.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Kobeski, Recording Secretary.

***These minutes are in draft form until approved at the October 12, 2021 meeting.

Hydrant Flushing – 11/17/21

Hydrants will be flushed tomorrow night, Wednesday 11/17/21.  If your water is brown, let it run for 5 minutes. If it does not clear, please contact Jodi at the Selectboard Office 603-756-3672.

Clarion Closing Date – 11/22/21

Yes, time again, just a tad over a week away, and I need your inputs and ads Monday, November 22 – if not sooner. I have a number of inputs already (thank you), but time approaches again. With the Thanksgiving Holiday and my printer’s schedule, the completed files will go to the printer on the 23rd, and I should have the December issue back and into the mail the first of December.

If you have any questions, do contact me. The email address is at the top right of any page on the CLARION website. Stay safe and stay well, and have a wonderful THANKSGIVING DAY.
Yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

Pie Orders Due Today! – 11/12/21

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Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 11/4/21

Selectboard Present:      Cheryl Mayberry (Chair); Peggy Pschirrer; (Absent: Steven Dalessio)

CALL TO ORDER:  Ms. Mayberry called this meeting to order at 6:33 PM in the Walpole Town Hall. Mr. Dalessio was unable to attend this meeting due to another commitment.  This meeting was being recorded.  Also present was Mrs. Sarah Downing, Manager of Administration, and Mrs. Regina Borden, Recording Secretary.  There were three members of the Walpole Players in attendance:  Lisa Bryan, Judy Epstein and Jennie Plante.


Walpole Players Holiday Production:  Mrs. Bryan noted the Walpole Players are aware of the fact that the Selectboard also want the bathrooms and doorknobs cleaned.  They are happy to do all the cleaning and they have the right cleaning supplies according to Mr. Nash.  Mrs. Pschirrer had no problem with them doing all the cleaning as discussed.  Mrs. Bryan advised for this Radio Holiday Production there are quite a few people in it.  They only own two microphones. Therefore, they were wondering if they could borrow the Town’s microphones for this show.  They would only use them for the dress rehearsals and performances.  Mrs. Pschirrer had no problem with this as well.  She cautioned that sometimes they think the microphones are working but they might not be.  Ms. Mayberry pointed out they have to be sure they are charged.  Mrs. Bryan thanked the Selectboard for helping to make their Holiday Production a success.    


Mrs. Pschirrer moved to accept the Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $38,226.65 for checks issued November 5, 2021.  This includes a payment in the amount of $21,664.76 to the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA).  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved. 


Mrs. Pschirrer moved to accept the Payroll Check Register for the week ending October 30, 2021, in the amount of $27,654.19 for checks dated November 5, 2021, and for the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer of $5,288.84.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved. 


SELECTBOARD MINUTES – October 28, 2021:  Mrs. Pschirrer moved to accept the Minutes of the Selectboard meeting of October 28, 2021, as submitted.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the Minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION MINUTES – October 28, 2021:  Mrs. Pschirrer moved to accept the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of October 28, 2021, as submitted.  These Minutes will remain sealed.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the Minutes were approved.


The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of the following Committee report:

  • Planning Board Workshop Minutes – October 26, 2021.


Permit No. 2021-35, MAP and LOT #011-043-003:  Mrs. Pschirrer moved to grant Building Permit No. 2021-35 for the owner(s) of Map and Lot #011-043-003 to “Add a full second floor dormer and brow roofs for weather protection”.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved. 

Permit No. 2021-42, MAP and LOT #017-005-004:  Mrs. Pschirrer moved to grant Building Permit No. 2021-42 for the owner(s) of Map and Lot #017-005-004 to “Construct a 56’ x 24’ single family home”.  A stormwater site plan was required and submitted.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved. 


Brownfields Site Plan:  Mrs. Pschirrer reported that all the work was done at the Brownfields site.  Only gravel and dirt remain.  They are waiting for the next to final bills to come in from the companies who accepted the waste product; they excavated less than anticipated.  Both Ransom Consulting and Mr. Mike Rau are now looking at what it will cost to pave that area.  Mr. Rau is looking at where to put the drainage system.  They are also looking for the area where the green space will be.  Jersey barriers will be placed there. Vehicles should not be driving through that area.

Pending Further Actions:

Vilas Bridge, Houghton Brook Bridge, Generators, Three Phase Power for Industrial Park Drive and Bensonwood, Arborclimb:

Arborclimb:  Mrs. Downing was asked to call Arborclimb again tomorrow.  Ms. Mayberry stated they will give Arborclimb a deadline to submit their report.  After that, they can talk to Ms. Heather Green at Liberty Utilities about replacement trees.


Tax Anticipation Note (TAN):  Ms. Mayberry reported that the Selectboard had talked about taking out a Tax Anticipation Note for “one million dollars”.  It will cover the time between now and when they are able to collect property taxes.   Because of the uncertainty with the timely setting of the tax rate, the $1.7 million county tax bill due on December 17th and the monthly payments made to the Fall Mountain Regional School District, they are concerned about their cash flow during this time. 

Mrs. Pschirrer moved to approve the Tax Anticipation Note for $1,000,000 in order to meet the short fall that they will have in collecting the taxes.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved.   

Groundwater Management Permit: The Application for Renewal of Groundwater Management Permit needs to be signed and submitted to the NH DES/Waste Management Division.

Mrs. Pschirrer moved that the Selectboard authorize Sarah Downing, as the Manager of Administration, to sign the application for renewal of the Groundwater Management Permit.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved.

Girl Scout Sponsorship Agreement:  Ms. Mayberry mentioned last Friday some Girl Scouts came into the Town Hall for a meeting while the 5-Town Joint Meeting was being held.  They were sent upstairs.  Ms. Daigle told Ms. Mayberry that there are two different Girl Scout groups.  One group meets on every other Tuesday and the other group meets every other Friday.  Mrs. Daigle was asked to reserve this room for January 28th, 2022, for the next 5-Town Joint Meeting date.  Mrs. Pschirrer said it is the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains.  They meet twice a month.  Mrs. Downing noted they were meeting outside but have now moved into the Town Hall.  Ms. Mayberry would like clarity on their meeting dates.    

Mrs. Pschirrer moved that the Chair of the Selectboard, Cheryl Mayberry, be authorized to sign the Troop/Group Sponsorship Agreement for their meetings to be held in the Walpole Town Hall.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry. With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved.

E & W Salvage:  Ms. Mayberry reported a complaint was received about a property on the Walpole Valley Road.  There is concern about deterioration of the fence.  There was an agreement that the fence needed to be in good condition to hide some of the vehicles and other items but that was thirty years ago.  Mrs. Pschirrer noted they have a very up-to-date license.  Mrs. Pschirrer wondered if the bright light is one of the new LED lights recently installed.  It is not clear from the complaint if the light is a streetlight or the property owner’s light.  Mrs. Pschirrer will write a letter to E & W Salvage to let them know there has been a complaint about their fence; the letter will be brought to the meeting next week for approval and signatures.  Mrs. Downing advised that Liberty Utilities is still in the process of changing the streetlights.  Ms. Mayberry noted there is concern about some lights in North Walpole being so bright.


Mrs. Pschirrer moved to recess this Selectboard meeting.  The Selectboard will enter into a meeting as the Hooper Trustees.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved at 7:01 PM.

The regular Selectboard meeting resumed at 7:05 PM.         


Mrs. Pschirrer moved that the Selectboard will enter into a Non-Public Selectboard Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (a) Personnel and (c) Reputations.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the motion was approved.

The regular Selectboard meeting resumed at 7:46 PM.

Mrs. Pschirrer moved that the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of November 4, 2021, will be sealed. Seconded by Ms. Mayberry. With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, motion was approved.

ADJOURNMENT:  Mrs. Pschirrer moved to adjourn this Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  Ms. Mayberry asked if there was any additional discussion.  There was none.  With Mrs. Pschirrer and Ms. Mayberry in favor, the meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Borden, Recording Secretary


Up-date from Lucy – 11/12/21

COVID by the Numbers-November 12 Edition

There is a wicked lot of COVID out there.  And right here.

I wish I could give you hard data comparisons over time, but none of the New Hampshire numbers are particularly reliable right now.

Let’s start with vaccinations.  Last week, NH DHHS announced that their records on the vaccination status of Granite Staters might not be accurate.  Why is that?  Well, you all remember when the vaccine first became available.  You could only register for an appointment using the federal VAMS system, or by calling 211.  It was complicated, and tedious, and did not work very well.  We used VAMS because NH, alone of all the states, did not have its own vaccine registry.  But we were promised that a brand new shiny registry run by the state would be up and running in a week or so.  It took three month or so, but there was VINI, and it was certainly more user-friendly than VAMS.  Then, as vaccines became more widely available, they were accessed in different ways.  You could still sign up through the state web site, in which case, VINI would capture your information directly.  Or you could sign up with the local Walgreens, or just stand in line at the pharmacy in the larger supermarkets.  The problem is that the reporting system for these entities to get information to the state turns out to be less than seamless.  Among other issues, there is confusion in the data reporting about which shots are being given to first-time recipients, and which are boosters. We were told at a recent press conference that the CDC was the best source for accurate information on vaccination rates in NH.  The trouble is that the CDC web site reports some information and gives a link to click on for details.  That link leads back to…the NH dashboards.

The good news is that people are getting shots, and now children as young as 5 are getting shots.

So what about what I normally report, which is infection rates?  Well, it appears that a few weeks back, there was an issue with the reporting system that providers used to report cases to NH DHHS.  For over a week, there was spotty reporting of data, or no data at all.  Since then the reporting has resumed, but every day, NH DHHS releases The Number of New Cases.  The current issue is that the number of new cases is just the number of cases reported the day before.  But if you read the news updates, they then release revised numbers for the day before that, and the day before that.  As an example, on November 10, NH DHHS reported 736 new cases for November 8th.  But the news release also listed 18 cases from Friday, Nov. 5, 33 new cases from Saturday, Nov. 6, 13 new cases from Sunday, Nov. 7 and 1 new case for Monday, Nov. 8.  So the totals for those past days all have to be recalculated.

The problem is that it is unclear, from the numbers, whether the sites that compare infection rates by state and county across the county go back and add in those extra numbers from days past.  Possibly not, as one site regularly has lower rates for the state as a whole than the rates for the individual counties combined.

All of which is just a long explanation of why I have avoided reporting for a while.  But we do know there is a wicked lot of COVID out there, so I want you to know that.  Here are the best numbers I can find.

First, hospitalizations are up.  There were 193 patients hospitalized for COVID at the beginning of November.  The November 10 number was 244.  Back on April 1, that number was 81.

If you look at the town maps (all of which have warnings that some map details may not be available) Walpole has 14 currently active reported cases, up from on November 2nd, but down from 17 on November 8. There were 15 new cases reported in Walpole from November 1 to November 10.  That compares with 22 new cases in Walpole for the entire month of October, and a high of 13 active cases reported on October 18.

In Cheshire County, there are 227 active cases reported as November 10, up from 215 at the beginning of the month.  That number is still down from the active cases in October, which peaked at 280 on October 21. Currently, we appear to have the lowest infection rate in the state.  Bear in mind that Sullivan county appears to have the highest.

Statewide, there are 5455 active cases reported currently.  This is a number not seen since some time in January.  And COVID deaths are on the rise again as well.  49 new deaths have been reported since the beginning of the month.  5 of these are deaths from earlier months just recently confirmed to be COVID related.  3 were from Cheshire County.  As always, we mourn their passing, and grieve for their families and friends.

So the bottom line is…well, you know the bottom line.  Get vaccinated if you are able, make careful choices about indoor gatherings, wear a mask when you are not certain, wash your hands, and stay safe.

~Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber
217 Old Keene Road
Walpole  NH  03608

Cell: 603-499-0282

Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 11/9/22

Roll Call: Present: Board Members: Chair Jeff Miller, Vice-Chair Dennis Marcom, Clerk Jason Perron, Select Board Representative Steve Dalessio. Absent: Board Members Jeff Harrington, Joanna Andros, Bill Carmody, alternate Trevor MacLachlan.

Recording: Secretary Marilou Blaine. This meeting is being recorded. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the December 2021 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Call to order: Mr. Miller called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Minutes: The October 12, 2021 minutes and the October 26, 2021 Workshop Minutes were approved as presented. A motion was made by Mr. Marcom, seconded by Mr. Perron and approved by the rest of the board.

New Business:

Liberty Utilities: Routine Maintenance on Scenic Roads (Farnum and Old Drewsville Roads).

Heather Green, Program Manager, Vegetation and Inspections, Request for a Public Hearing in December.  Ms. Green cannot attend the November meeting but Jeff will call her about the request.  

Ms. Green’s response via email. “Per our discussion earlier, Liberty Utilities has cycle vegetation work scheduled to occur in the (Walpole) area in the next 2 years. Some of this work is along scenic roads. We are requesting a public hearing on Dec. 14th in regards to this work. As I understand this request must made at the Nov. 9th Planning Board Meeting and an email will suffice for what you need to present at the November meeting. Please let me know if this is something we can schedule. Thank you.”

The Planning Board received a copy of the minutes of the Select Board meeting dated October 28, 2021 regarding maintenance work that Liberty Utilities would be doing in the town regarding tree trimming and removal.

Mr. Dalessio said a representative from Liberty Utilities came to a Select Board meeting and gave a presentation and the members of the Board were concerned because in previous routine maintenance cycles some trees were “butchered” according to Mr. Dalessio, He said the cut on the Drewsville Common was a heavy cut and according to the minutes “they ended up with some very ugly trees. The Select Board asked that the trees on town property be “gently cut” in the upcoming cycle. The Select Board also came to an agreement that Ms. Green would meet during daylight hours with someone from the town to discuss the type of trees that should be on the Walpole Common. Some dead trees are going to be removed and the Board would like an idea of what kind of trees should replace them.

Mr. Marcom made a motion to hold a public hearing in December for Liberty Utilities, Mr. Perron seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Storage Units approval letter

Jim Phippard, the agent on the recent Storage Units proposal, had a concern about one condition in the approval letter. One of the conditions called for inspections of the propane connections by the Walpole Fire Department. This was not a problem. But the condition that this must be done before issuing a building permit is a problem. He wrote in an email “I cannot get the propane installed and connected, ready for inspection, without a building permit.” Mr. Dalessio said that in the future it will state on the building permit that the applicant must submit a copy of the state inspection form of the propane tank. If the applicant does not submit a copy of the state inspection form of a propane installation, the Select Board will put write a cease and desist letter on the project.

Fees for applications

The Board voted to raise the application fees because the cost of legal notices in a local newspaper have risen so that the amount of the application fee is equal to the cost of the notice the town has to pay the paper. Included in that fee should be a $25 cost for the secretary to record these documents with Cheshire County Registry of Deeds. The reason the secretary records the documents is because in the past some applicants who have received approval for one of the above applications has neglected to record their document with the Registry of Deeds. These means the new boundary lines or changes made to a property are not recorded and the town’s assessor, Avitar, doesn’t know to include them in its yearly assessment of properties. The costs will now be $175 for a subdivision application, a lot line adjustment application and a site plan review application. The cost for sendingout certified/return receipt letters was also raised from $8 to $10. The motion to approve the raise in fees for applications and certified letters to abutters was made by Mr. Perron, seconded by Mr. Marcom and approved by the rest of the board.

Mr. Perron suggested tracking the cost for legals and keeping track of the cost of certified/return receipt letters. 

Discuss Goals and Objectives already included in Land Use Analysis Plan in the Master Plan and put them in the new Implementation Plan.

Since so many Planning Board members were missing, this item on the agenda will be taken up next month. 

Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

WPB Secretary

cc: WPB, ZBA, Town Offices, The Walpolean.

Posted: Inside Town Offices, on the bulletin board outside the Post Office,

Pie Sale – 11/24/21

The First Congregational Church of Walpole will be having their annual pie and other baked goods sale on Wednesday, November 24th from 9-12 at the Walpole Post Office. 

Selectboard Meeting Agenda – 11/10/21

Yes, the date is correct. The meeting is Wednesday this week due to the holiday on Thursday. Public hearing at 6:00, followed by the meeting. – Lil

Starting at 6 PM in the Town Hall




  • Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $64,523.40 for checks issued 11/12/21


  • Payroll Register totaling $26,680.37 dated 11/12/21 and the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer of $5,090.05


  • Selectboard Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2021
  • Non-Public Session Selectboard Minutes – November 4, 2021


  • Walpole Fire District Monthly Meeting – October 6, 2021
  • Safety Committee Meeting – October 20, 2021
  • Conservation Commission – November 1, 2021


  • E & W Salvage Letter
  • Reservoir Dam Meeting

Pending Further Actions

Vilas Bridge, Houghton Brook Bridge, Generators, Three Phase Power for Industrial Park Drive and Bensonwood, Arborclimb


  • 2021 Equalization Municipal Assessment Date Certificate
  • Monadnock Region Rail Trail Collaborative


Crafternoon at the Library – 11/12/21