Attending Selectboard Zoom Meetings

Sarah asked that I post the following message because many have asked her to send them invites. I thought that was best but I guess I was wrong. – Lil

For members of the public that wish to attend Selectboard Meetings, the Zoom Meeting link and call-in information is posted on Thursdays at 2 PM or later on the Town of Walpole website: under the Town News page. The agenda is also posted with meeting access information.

If the public has access or connectivity issues, they are to call the Selectboard Office for assistance at 603-756-3672.

Installation (not) Charges for Consolidated

Optic Fiber installation with Consolidated Communications

  • Installation Costs – Consolidated has assured Walpole’s Broadband Committee that a client installing the new fiber service will NOT be charged for installation, (Note that Consolidated reserves the right to charge a small fee ($0.55/ft) for installations more than 150 feet from the pole. but in practice in our town they are not charging for those.) So if you get a bill for installation, give them a call and question it.

Walpole – Charlestown Roadwork on Rte 12

Lucy continues to keep us up-to-date. – Lil

Here’s the latest from NHDoT:

    March 22, 2021

    Road Work on Route 12 in Walpole-Charlestown

    Alternating one-way traffic and lane shifts will impact motorists.

    The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) will resume work on the reconstruction and widening of three miles of NH Route 12, from the intersection of Main Street in North Walpole to the intersection of NH Route 12A in Charlestown on Monday, April 5, 2021.

    The work includes the reconstruction of Route 12 to widen the roadway towards the Connecticut River, which will provide 11-foot lanes and four to five-foot wide shoulders.  The widened roadway will be the result of an armored slope along the Connecticut River, updated drainage and storm water management, substantial utility relocation, and guardrail installation.

    Intermittent alternating one-way traffic will be in place during this project.  Motorists can expect delays due to lane shifts and construction equipment.  Message boards and signs will be used to alert motorists of current conditions.

    Most of the armored slope and utility relocation was completed in 2018, and 80 percent of the drainage improvements were completed in 2019.  Approximately two miles of road reconstruction, including a 6.5 foot by 8.5 foot box culvert and a 66″ diameter cross pipe, were replaced last year.

    Sargent Corporation of Stillwater, Maine is the contractor for the $14.8 million project, which has a final completion date of August 12, 2021.

    NHDOT Contacts:

    Mike Strozewski, P.E., Contract Administrator, (603) 496-0410

    Eileen P. Meaney, Chief Communications Officer, (603) 271-6495

    NH Department of Transportation

    P.O. Box 483 | 7 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03302-0483 | Follow us on Facebook<> | On Twitter<>

Get real time traffic updates (via Twitter) from the NH TMC<>.

Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – 3/17/21

Roll Call: Chair Jan Galloway-Leclerc called out the names of every board member and alternate and each one said “aye” if present: Pauline Barnes, Don Sellarole, Dave Edkins, Myra Mansouri, Tom Murray and herself. Absent: Ernie Vose and Judy Trow. One board member was absent so alternate Don Sellarole was asked to take his place. Each attending member was in a separate location.

Recording: Secretary Marilou Blaine. This meeting is being recorded. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the April 2021 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Meeting Opened: Chair Jan Leclerc called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm. 

Minutes: Ms. Mansouri said she was late to the February meeting because of “technical difficulties” – she couldn’t get into the meeting for 20 minutes. Ms. Barnes made two corrections. Last paragraph first page, make the last word rentals singular. On page 2, third to last paragraph change the paragraph to say “the owner of a short-term rental must leave a contact number for guests.” Mr. Murray made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected for the February meeting. Mr. Sellarole seconded the motion, and in a roll call vote, the board unanimously accepted the amended minutes.

Old Business: Shaw’s signage. Signage for the supermarket in North Meadow Plaza is for four signs for designated parking spaces, a directional sign near the entrance to the Plaza and an illuminated sign on the building next to the grocery store name sign. The Zoom host displayed the signs on the screen.

Mr. Sellarole said that the four designated parking space signs had already been installed before getting permission by the zoning board. It’s like putting the cart before the horse, Mr. Sellarole said. There was some discussion about these signs.  Are they just parking space signs? Should these signs be treated like handicap or reserved parking space signs that didn’t need board oversight? Do handicap signs come under the category of governmental signs, which means the zoning board has no say in where they are placed or how large they are? A couple of members considered the signs more as directional signs and were simply showing people where to park to have their ordered-ahead groceries picked up. Should the company be notified that they shouldn’t have done this without ZBA permission? Mr. Sellarole asked. Ms. Leclerc said that the zoning board can’t do that. It’s up to the Select Board. There were mixed feelings about this, but board members wanted to know more about the rest of the signs that were going to be installed.

Discussion ensued over whether or not the signs were permanent or would they be removed after Covid conditions had been lifted. Most board members thought they were probably going to be permanent and it was part of the store’s business plan to continue this service for shoppers. After a lot of discussion, the board became more comfortable with the designated parking signs and discussion was more about the distance of the directional sign at the entrance to the Plaza. Is that sign too close to the Walpole Saving Bank sign or the marquee at the entrance than it should be? Also, the new sign on the facade of the building elicited some questions.

Since Shaw’s distributes a flier every week to local mailboxes, why does there need to be a new illuminated sign on the facade of the building telling people they can have their groceries delivered to their vehicles? Mr. Murray asked. The information could be in the flier. That’s not the board’s call. Mr. Edkins said. It’s up to the business.

The Board had other questions about signage and the board felt that they needed to talk to a representative from the sign company. Ms. Leclerc suggested that a representative of the sign company come in and answer all the board’s questions. The secretary said that she was told that their representative who goes to different towns to explain signage was attending a similar meeting elsewhere on the same night as the ZBA meeting and that they would be attending the Walpole Zoning Board meeting in April. Both Ms. Leclerc and Ms. Mansouri felt a variance for the sign on the facade of the building and possibly another one for the directional sign depending on the distance from another sign was needed. It was suggested that the secretary contact the company and make sure someone would be attending next month. 

New Business:

Sawyer Gravel Pit: Return gravel pit reclamation bond for Joe Sawyer. There has been a request that the bond money put up for permission to have a 3.6-acre gravel pit behind the Route 12 gravel pit be returned with interest. 

The secretary researched minutes of the 1990s and found the minutes that granted an Earth Excavation Permit for the 3.6-acre lot behind the Route 12 gravel pit. The Zoning Board of Adjustment minutes of February 22, 1999, state that the request for the Earth Excavation permit was unanimously approved pending the receipt of a $600.00 bond to be held by the Town of Walpole. That pit was officially closed in October 2019.

Mr. Edkins asked if the slopes were okay. Ms. Leclerc said they are 45 degrees or less. If you went in there you would barely know there was ever a gravel pit there. Should we make a perfunctory inspection? asked Ms. Barnes. I’m comfortable leaving it as is, said Ms. Leclerc. 

Mr. Murray and Ms Leclerc were the two zoning members who last inspected the pit in 2019. Ms. Leclerc said that Mr. Sawyer hadn’t taken any gravel out of that pit in the last couple of years and that the ground had pretty much grown up and covered then and basically reclaimed itself. Mr. Murray agreed that he felt the pit had been reclaimed. He said that even the embankment had some scrub trees growing. He made a motion to inform the Select Board that the zoning board voted that the pit had returned to the reclamation condition and the bond money with interest should be returned to Mr. Sawyer. Ms. Mansouri seconded the motion and it unanimously passed by a roll call vote of the board.

DADU -At the end of the ordinance 7. C. it says, “The property owner shall submit to the Select Board a signed and notarized “memorandum of adequate notice”, to be recorded at the registry of deeds at the applicant’s expense.

     “The notice shall identify the property on which the detached accessory dwelling unit is located by source deed and serve as a notice to successor owners that the accessory dwelling unit is subject to provision of this section of the zoning ordinance, and that owner-occupancy of one of the two units is required by this subsection. This notice shall be recorded upon issuance of a Building Permit.”

Basically, the town offices would like the ZBA to remind the owner of a person getting a DADU that they must follow these directions just as it does with reminding the owner to get a building permit. Ms. Mansouri said it should be put in bold. It cannot be put in bold until a whole new set of ordinances is printed.

Short-term rentals:

Ms. Leclerc received about half a dozen responses to her request from readers of The Walpolean to her questionnaire about an ordinance about short-term rentals. The Clarion will have some responses in its April issue and Tara Sad is also doing an online survey about the same topic. 

The Board recently received an inquiry about a possible short-term rental in Drewsville. The owner would live next door. Since there is no short-term rental ordinance now, and it doesn’t fall into the B&B category, what does the owner need to do about opening and advertising a short-term rental now?  Ms. Leclerc directed him to go to the Select Board.

Ms. Leclerc said according to the New Hampshire Municipal Association if Walpole’s ordinances are permissive it means that anything not specifically mentioned in the ordinances is not permitted. She is not sure if the Select Board would agree with that statement so she would like to consult the town’s attorney, Jeremy Hockensmith, about the matter. Ms. Barnes remembered a case in the NH Supreme Court about the same issue and she said it looked as if that town’s ordinance was structured similar to Walpole’s ordinances.  Others on the board agreed it would be a good idea to clarify the issue. The board awaits Mr. Hockensmith’s opinion.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

ZBA Secretary

Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 3/11/21

Selectboard Present:​Steven Dalessio; Cheryl Mayberry; (Absent: Peggy Pschirrer, Chair)

CALL TO ORDER:  Mr. Steven Dalessio called this Walpole Selectboard meeting via Zoom to order at 6:30 PM.  He advised that Mrs. Peggy Pschirrer, Chair, was unable to attend this meeting.  Ms. Cheryl Mayberry, the other Selectboard member, is present.  The Selectboard members are in two separate locations.  Also attending this meeting is Mrs. Sarah Downing, Manager of Administration, in the Walpole Town Hall and Mrs. Regina Borden, Recording Secretary, by telephone at a separate location.  This meeting was being recorded by the Town.

Public comments are to be emailed to Mrs. Downing at the Walpole Town Hall or by calling 703-756-3672.  She will display the agenda.  That will be followed by documents as they are being discussed.

Mr. Dalessio called for a voice roll call of the Selectboard present: Cheryl Mayberry was present and Steven Dalessio was present. This meeting will be in accordance with Virtual Meetings, Emergency Order #12, which has been effective since March 2020.


Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $17,956.64 for checks issued March 12, 2021.  This includes a payment in the amount of $3,476 to the Town of Chesterfield for Outside Agency Details.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.


Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Payroll Check Register for the week ending March 6, 2021, in the amount of $30,025.98 for checks dated March 12, 2021, and for the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer in the amount of $5,843.28.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.  


SELECTBOARD MINUTES – March 4, 2021: Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Selectboard meeting of March 4, 2021, as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Dalessio. Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments. There were none. On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION MINUTES – March 4, 2021:  Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of March 4, 2021, as submitted.  These Minutes will remain sealed.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.   Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.


The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of the following Committee report:• Conservation Commission Meeting – March 1, 2021.


Permit #2004-59 RENEWAL, MAP and LOT #009-023-000: Ms. Mayberry moved to grant Building Permit No. 2004-59 RENEWAL, for the owner(s) of Map and Lot #009-023-000 toconstruct a “1.5 Story Barn and Seasonal Camp”. Seconded by Mr. Dalessio. Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments. There were none. On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.

Permit #2021-09, MAP and LOT #008-095-004:  Ms. Mayberry moved to grant Building Permit No. 2021-09, for the owner(s) of Map and Lot #008-095-004 to build a “32’ x 24’ Garage/Storage Building”.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio, the motion was approved.

Permit #2021-10, MAP and LOT #021-036-000:  Ms. Mayberry moved to grant Building Permit No. 2021-10, for the owner(s) of Map and Lot #021-036-000 to add “23’ x 16.5’ Roof Mount Solar Panels to Garage”.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio, motion was approved.


Property Survey for 34 Elm Street – Town Hall:  Mr. Dalessio reported that they want to get this project started for the Water and Sewer Departments. Therefore. they need to identify where the property lines are before the Elm Street project begins.

Ms. Mayberry moved to approve the Purchase Order in the amount of $2,000 for DiBernardo Associates to have the property survey at 34 Elm Street / Town Hall.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.

North Walpole Library Lease:  Mr. Dalessio advised the North Walpole Library Lease will be ready for review at the next meeting.  Ms. Mayberry met with the North Walpole Village Commissioners again and explained that the Selectboard was asking them to pay for the installation of electrical outlets. They had agreed to do this.  They were looking for clarification as to what the impact would be for extended hours such as for heat, electricity, etc.  That was the primary reason for requesting a one year lease.  They want to assess what their costs would be and then do another lease for the following year.  Mr. Dalessio felt they could have a multi-year lease where the Commissioners could look at the costs at the end of every year.  Ms. Mayberry explained they do not want to have the Library move out at the end of a year but do have these concerns including maintenance costs.  Ms. Mayberry will send a note to Mrs. Amy Howard.  

Public Hearings for Summer Projects: Mr. Dalessio feels Public Hearings for Summer Projects is a good idea. The downtown will be dug-up between the Brownfields Project and Elm Street Project. Ms. Mayberry likes the suggestion that they might delay the Brownfields Project for a short period of time. Mr. Dalessio mentioned the Memorial Day Celebration is cancelled. There will probably be a wreath ceremony. In 2022, the Boy Scouts might take this over. The American Legion will probably be shutting down soon. Mr. Dalessio relayed this information to Mr. Mark Houghton as he would like to start the Elm Street Project in May. There will be a Public Meeting so everybody will know what is going to happen. There will be digging in the Common. They would like to use the south end of the Common for their staging area and keep the equipment there. He requested this be an agenda item for the next meeting so a vote can be taken. Another agenda item will be discussion on the granite curbing as they need to come to some conclusion. Ms. Mayberry noted Mr. Boas and the other neighbors need to decide if they are willing to pay for both the granite curbing and installation.

Pending Further Actions: Tax Deeded Property Sale

Reservoir Dam Repairs:  Mr. Dalessio advised they should have a report next week from Fuss & O’Neill.  The Department of Environmental Services (DES) has all the information they need to make a determination.  

Houghton Brook Bridge: Mr. Dalessio reported there will be a Pre-Permit Meeting in two weeks.  They will be getting that ready to go. It is moving along but still looks like a 2022 year project.    


Spencer’s Place Expanded Outside Seating:   Mr. Dalessio believes the outside seating will not be expanded but rather located in the same space as last year.  They want to get rid of the hay bales and replace them with a temporary split rail fence.  They do not need an Open Container Permit because the Selectboard had said it would remain in effect until the Emergency Orders changed.  He would like to know that the property owner has agreed to the outdoor dining area.  Mr. Dalessio pointed out the Selectboard needs to talk about if this will become permanent seasonal arrangement after the Emergency Order is lifted.  They need to address outside dining in the Town of Walpole because it might be continued after the COVID-19 Pandemic has ended.  Guidelines will need to be met.     

Staff Meeting for March 18, 2021:  Mr. Dalessio would prefer to move the Staff Meeting out a week until March 25, 2021.   Next week they can establish the new Selectboard Chair and all the Liaison positions.  Ms. Mayberry agreed to postpone the Staff Meeting for one week.       


Ms. Mayberry moved to enter into a Non-Public SelectboardSession pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (a) Personnel.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio, the motion was approved at 6:51 PM.

The regular Selectboard meeting resumed at 7:38 PM.

Ms. Mayberry moved that the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of March 11, 2021, will be sealed.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, motion was approved.


Ms. Mayberry moved to adjourn this Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Dalessio.  On a voice roll call vote with Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Borden, Recording Secretary

Up-date from Lucy

COVID by the Numbers, and Other Information—March 21 Edition

The roller coaster continues.

Statewide the numbers are up. The seven-day average of reported cases per 100,000 went from 17.1 last week to 21.0. Active reported cases went from 2,190 up to 2,377. Hospitalizations went from 71 to 72. Statewide deaths went from 15 last week to up to 18 this week. We crossed the 80,000 mark for total number of statewide reported cases yesterday.

In Cheshire County, the numbers are mixed. Our seven-day average went from 17.5 up to 19.9, with an infection rate that went down just a tad to 0.87. Currently active reported cases went down considerably, from 147 last week down to 118 this week. Cheshire County has had a total of 2,994 reported cases of COVID to date; as of tomorrow, the county will probably cross the 3,000 mark. There were 2 new hospitalizations, and we lost 3 more of our citizens this week. Both of those numbers are up from 0 last week.

The number of active cases in Walpole has held steady at 1-4.  New cases went from 2 last week to just 1 this week.  That one new case was today; let’s hope it is not a signal of things to come.

Phase 2-b registration starts Monday, March 22.  Phase 2-b includes all adults aged 50 or older.  Go to the NH DHHS COVID web site, , and click on Vaccine Registration.

NH Emergency Rental Assistance Program:  If  you know of anyone having difficulty with rent or utility payments, This program may help.  Here is the information:

Please help us get the word out about this important federal/state rent and utility assistance program for people who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

·     If you are a community partner with questions, please contact Lynn Greenleaf Lippitt at

·     If you have a client or customer who needs assistance, please refer them to or 2-1-1. 

Please share and post our flyer where feasible. Thank you!

Apply for assistance through a Community Action Partnership (CAP) agency. The CAP agency will assist with the application process. The application can be completed online, or a paper application can be requested or downloaded (in English and Spanish). 


·     Past-due and future rent payments

·     Utilities, such as electricity, home heating, costs, water, sewer, trash

·     Other housing-related costs such as internet and relocation expenses associated directly or indirectly with COVID-19

·     Relocation expenses including rental application fees, utility hook-up fees, and security deposits

·     You may qualify for utility assistance even if you do not receive or need rental assistance


·     At least one person in your household has qualified for unemployment benefits, had their income reduced, had significant costs, or had other financial hardship due to COVID-19.

·     Certain income requirements must be met.

·     You do not need to be receiving unemployment benefits payments.

·     The CAP agency will assist in identifying information needed.

·     Eligible households may qualify for assistance for past-due and future rent and utility payments for a period not to exceed 15 months.

Please keep on taking good care of yourselves, and each other.  Don’t let down your guard.  Be careful out there.

Wear your mask, even when keeping your distance, keep your distance-even when wearing a mask, wash your hands, and keep well.  

~Representative Lucy Weber


Christopher Evatt in Concert

Christopher Evatt, the organist at St. John’s Church and teacher at Keene State, will be doing a solo piano recital this Sunday, afternoon, March 21st at 3PM. It will be live-streamed at: (In-person attendance will be restricted to people in the college community.)

It’s a program of lesser-known music by Jewish pianist-composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Christopher is a wonderful musician; he promises an enjoyable performance. He hopes to resume concerts in Walpole when we can gather again.

Selectboard Meeting Agenda – 3/18/21


March 18, 2021

Starting at 6:30 PM via Zoom and may be live-streamed on FACT-TV





ACCOUNTS PAYABLE• Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $115,776.70 for checks issued 3/19/21

PAYROLL• Payroll Register totaling $31,113.49 dated 3/19/21 and the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer of $5,610.17

SELECTBOARD MEETING MINUTES• Selectboard Minutes – March 11, 2021• Non-Public Selectboard Session Minutes – March 11, 2021

COMMITTEE REPORTS• North Walpole Village District Commissioners’ Meeting – March 2, 2021• Planning Board Meeting – March 9, 2021

WARRANTS• Recommittal Warrant for 2020• Recommittal Warrant for 2020 Tax Liens• Recommittal Warrant for 2019 Tax Liens• Recommittal Warrant for 2018 Tax Liens

ABATEMENTS• Map and Lot# 012-019-002

BUILDING PERMITS• 2020-10 RENEWAL, Map and Lot# 018-018-000• 2021-11, Map and Lot# 008-088-002


• Granite Curbing on Elm Street

• South End of Common as Staging Area

• North Walpole Library Lease

• Town Hall Exterior Painting Purchase Order

• Second Floor Ceiling of Town Hall Restoration Purchase Order

• Reservoir Dam Repairs

Pending Further Actions• Tax Deeded Property Sale, Houghton Brook Bridge


• Selectboard Liaison Assignments

• TrueNorth Quote for Selectboard Office Internet

• NHRS Certification Forms

• Mill Pond Dam Inspection

• Community Power

• Great Hydro River Steward Presentation


HOOPER TRUSTEES MINUTES• Hooper Trustees Meeting – February 18, 2020

HOOPER BUSINESS• Feb. 2021 Reimbursement Request to the Hooper Trust Fund• Feb. 2021 Reimbursement Request to the Hooper Maintenance Fund



**Any recording, audio or visual, and/or other devices must be declared at the beginning of the meeting**

Holy Week and Easter Schedule – First Congregational Church

Holy Week and Easter Schedule for First Congregational Church, UCC Walpole, NH.

Maundy Thursday Worship Service of Holy Communion and Tenebrae on Zoom (link below),  April 1, 7pm

Good Friday Prayer Vigil 6am – 6pm – participants will pray in 1/2 hour increments, at home or in the sanctuary.

EASTER PIE & BAKE SALE: Saturday, April 3rd at 9:00 front of the Walpole Post Office, Sponsored by The First Congregational Church Finance Committee.

Easter Sunrise Service at Hooper Golf Club, 7th tee, 6:30am (Please mask and observe social distancing)

Easter Communion Service 10amon Zoom (link as below) 

Bible Study every Wednesday at 4pm, led by Pastor Richard Malmberg on Zoom

Join First Congregational Church of Walpole Worship and Study on Zoom using the following link:

Walpole Pub to Re-open

Yes the Walpole Pub is planning to reopen!!! New Management, new name but SAME GREAT VIBE you remember.

Searching for a Co-Creator/ believer to lead the back of the house at the Bellows Walpole Inn. Ideal candidates are passionate about good food and understand that having fun while working hard makes it worthwhile. If you’re a talented, dedicated and driven chef, cook, or foodie I want to talk to you. I will run the front of the house and together we will craft our own work culture that allows for creative ideas and honest and open feedback.

Let’s create something amazing!

If this opportunity sounds like something you would love to learn more about let me know…. Email Kelley Hicks at Kell7604@gmail or call 603-283-8940.